Total Storage Monthly Rate :
Up to 1 GB $9.95
Up to 3 GB $19.95
Up to 5 GB $34.95
Up to 10 GB $49.95
Up to 15 GB $64.95
Up to 20 GB $79.95
Up to 30 GB $99.95
Up to 50 GB $139.95
Up to 100 GB $199.95
Each Additional GB $1.75
Each additional Account $4.95

Our Pricing Structure

Our pricing is based on compressed data stored on our system which is a factor of:

    • The types of files backed up
    • The amount of changed data between backups

There is no charge for the backup software, installation and configuration, technical support or data purges. If you require an Open File Manager or the optional Exchange Plug-in with mailbox level restore capability, a one-time licensing fee will be incurred.

We have structured our pricing to fit every size business.

You decide how often and how much to backup. You can view your transfer logs inside your page within our secure clients area . Storage volume is based on the amount of data transferred AFTER compression and encryption per month.

Some companies will have the technical resources to upload their software without support, while others prefer that we just handle it, still others are somewhere in between and need a walk-through via telephone.

Open File Backup Options
In the case of many backup software programs, accounting and databases files that are in use during the backup may not get backed up successfully because they are locked to prevent any other program from altering the data. To solve this problem, Data Vault offers the optional open file management software on a per server license basis, to make sure that these open and locked files get backed up successfully.

Call or Email for Pricing

Onsite Setup or Recovery Assistance
Protect-Data provides onsite assistance within our service area.

Services provided:

Remote Backup Install, Setup backup schedule & Select files for backup
Remote Backup Perform Onsite full Initial Backup
Remote Backup Develop Disaster Preparedness Plan
Remote Backup Training (CALL FOR DETAILS)
Remote Backup Onsite Recovery Assistance
Remote Backup Onsite Assistance: $75 per hour

Invoicing is done at the first of each month for the previous month usage. Usage is based on your transfer log. Invoices are due upon receipt.

All prices quoted on the website are subject to change. Please contact an account representative for current prices.

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