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A recent study discloses it takes 19 days and cost in excess $17,000 to re-enter just 20 megabytes worth of sales and marketing data. Retrieving accounting records is even worse; they require over 21 days of work and cost over $19,000 to re-type. For many businesses, this kind of cost can close your doors. Remote backup service can keep these extreme expenses from hitting your company!

How often should I use Essential Backup? Most users backup daily. If you are a frequent computer user and create/change numerous files daily, you might want to backup daily. If you do not use your computer frequently, backing up weekly may work best. Essential Backup has the ability to perform automatic backups on a daily, weekly or monthly schedule.

How often will my computer be backed up? As often as you wish, because you set up and administer the backup schedule that works best for your company.

How long does the backup take? Backups are extremely fast. Our technology transmits only the changed portions of changed files during each backup session. Exactly how long that takes depends on the size of your backup, speed of your Internet connection, and amount of "changed" data.

Because the initial backup requires transmission of all data, it takes the longest and may require multiple sessions to complete. The service will "chip away" at the initial backup until it's complete with no user intervention required. After the initial backup is complete, nightly backups are significantly smaller and result in a faster backup.

How many backups do you retain? As many as you require! You can customize a retention scheme that works best for your company. Most clients use a grandfather-father-son scheme where daily backups are retained for 1 week, weekly backups are retained for 1 month, and month-end backups are retained for 1 year.

What tasks do I have to do every day to run a backup? None! Once you schedule the time and frequency of your backups during installation, the backups run automatically.

Are the backups incremental backups?
They can be. Again, you have complete control, full, incremental or differential or a mixture of all 3. It's up to you!

What if I have a transmission or modem connection failure during the backup?
If a transmission is interrupted in the middle of a backup, the software will continue to retry to connect for up to 1hr. until a connection can be reestablished, then continue the backup where it was interrupted. If it takes longer then 1 hour to reestablish the connection, it will try again on the next scheduled backup.

How are open files handled?
This is rarely an issue since backups are performed after business hours.

Do I need to back up my entire computer?
No. Clients back up only their data files. Select only the files, directories, or drives that you wish to back up. Of course, Essential Backup can only restore the data you schedule to back up. Make sure you are backing up all your critical files, and have your programs and operating systems off-site.

How much data can I back up?
As much as you want. You will be charged on the amount of actual compressed data you store. Click here to see pricing for a range of storage sizes.

How much compression can I expect from my data? That depends on the type of data. Word files might get as great as 85%-90% compression, while JPEG files would hardly get any compression at all. Other file types fall somewhere in between.

How does the automatic backup scheduler work?
At the time you have scheduled, your computer will make a secure connection to our servers. Your data will be encrypted before leaving your site, then transmitted to Essential Backup and stored in our secure facility.

How do I backup multiple computers? What about remote sites?
We will gladly install the software in any and all of your systems to ensure complete security.

What happens if I unknowingly back up corrupted files?
The corrupt files get backed up and stored on our system. A backlog of backup sets that you can restore from will allow you to go back and restore files from the last date that the files were valid. That's why having a sufficient backup retention is important.

Do I need to backup my entire computer?
No. You only need to backup important user files, not program or system files. If your computer crashes, you can restore programs and the operating system from the original CD-ROMs. Your important user files can be restored from your Essential Backup Account.

How much data can I backup?
Essential Backup offers flexible account sizes. Click here to see account sizes and pricing.

Can I backup my entire drive with Essential Backup?
No. Essential Backup is designed to only backup user files and not system or program files. In the event of a computer crash, it is recommended that you reinstall the operating system and all programs from the original disks.

How do I get a larger Essential Backup Account?
Because you are billed monthly by usage, there is no need to upgrade. Simply backup the data that you want to and we do the rest!

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