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A recent study discloses it takes 19 days and cost in excess $17,000 to re-enter just 20 megabytes worth of sales and marketing data. Retrieving accounting records is even worse; they require over 21 days of work and cost over $19,000 to re-type. For many businesses, this kind of cost can close your doors. Remote backup service can keep these extreme expenses from hitting your company!

How do I get started?
Simply call our offices @ 407-210-2110 or email us and we will get you set-up and going.
How is Essential Backup different from other backup services I've heard about? Our software is completely client controlled. We do not and can not access your data. All backup schedules, files choices, options, est. are in YOUR control. The data is compressed and encrypted BEFORE it leaves your computer and you are the only one with a key.
Why do I need Essential Backup? One of the most basic rules when using a computer is routinely backing up your files. Most users do not backup their files as often as they should and, even if they do, they do not store their data safely off-site. Essential Backup eliminates the hassle of backing up because there are no additional hardware components, disks or tapes. Plus, you have the added security of having your files backed up off-site to our secure facility. You can sleep better at night knowing all your data files are backed up properly.

What's Involved? Just contact us with a simple call or email and we will get you setup right away. Our technician, (After installing and configuring) will supply you with your kit that includes everything you need.

How much does it cost?
The price is based on the compressed data stored on our system, and the amount of compression varies according to the type of data you are backing up. Go to our pricing page to view other pricing levels.

What happens to my data after it's transmitted to Essential Backup?
Redundant copies of your data reside encrypted in our facility. No one has access to your data but you.

I have mirrored /RAID hard drives. Won't
that protect me from viruses or data loss?
No. Mirrored hardware only protects you from a hardware failure. Since 90% of data loss is due to data corruption or user error, mirrored equipment offers no protection. This is because corrupt data gets instantly written to the mirror equipment. The only way to protect your data is by having a back
log of backups to restore from.

What type of information on the backup is available to the me?
In the restore tab of the software, the administrator can see each backup by date. They can also search for specific files in this area. The first week of each month a usage report is generated, along with your invoice, and put in the client area of Essential Backup. This area is password protected to ensure that only you have access.

Can I use Essential Backup on two different computers if I only have one Account?
Backup is designed so that each computer has its own Account and the Account NOT be shared between 2 or more computers. There are two main reasons. The first is that if you are backing up files from two different systems to a common Account, files with the same name will be overwritten in your common Account. The second reason is that in the event of a computer crash, it would be difficult to restore files to a specific system from a common Account. We do understand however that for monetary reasons you may want to merge your usage time, we do accommodate for that.
I have a tape system, why should I use Essential Backup? Tape systems can be very reliable, but require a high level of ongoing amount of maintenance to guarantee reliability. Essential Backup uses a triple redundant system, meaning we maintain three separate backups of your data in two locations. With Essential Backup 100% of your backups are store on redundant, fault-tolerant servers, with secondary off-site CD storage.
Can I still use my tape system? Yes. Many of our clients use us as a secondary backup and continue to run their tape backups. This reduces the need to haul tapes off-site while ensuring that data will never be lost.

Does it work if our company has a firewall?
Absolutely. The software works on a specific part which can be opened by your firewall allowing the software to run.

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